Some people feel the rain,

other just get wet

Chelsea, New York

Chelsea, New York


Kailu Guan

Kailu Guan is a multi-disciplinary system thinker. Her areas of concentration include fashion design, wearable technology, human-centered design, augmented reality (AR) and product design. Kailu graduated from Parsons in New York and Central Saint Martins College of the Arts in London. 


She is the creative mind behind KG Projects, where fashion and AR seamlessly meet, which second collection was presented at New York Fashion Week in 2017 sponsored by Pepsi Co.


KG Projects garnered industry recognition when Kailu was selected as one of 50 CFDA+ Design Graduates, an innovator in residence at the XRC Labs, and a finalist in the Eyes on Talents awards. Kailu has been invited to display her work at exhibitions and conferences around the world, within both the tech and fashion fields, including  Le Révélateur D’innovation in Paris (Paris Fashion and Tech Festival), TechCrunch Disrupt NY, Talent! at New York Textile Month, NYC Media Lab, MIT’s Hacking Arts and more. Vogue Italia, WWD, Dezeen, Fashionista, Viewpoint, and Computer Arts are among the myriad publications that have covered KG Projects.


Previously Kailu consulted on wearable technology and business strategy for Hermès, Intel, MasterCard, and Panasonic. She likewise  joined IDEO CoLab and led several artificial intelligence (AI) projects, which led her to HelloAva. She was also a design fellow at Open Style Lab, specializing in inclusive wearable design for people with disability







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